Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Multi Colored Polka Dots

Hello Everyone!

Another nail post today were I have a trick for creating polka dot nails easily with something you probably already have in your make up bag.

Another nail post today were I have a trick for creating polka dot nails easily with something you probably already have in your make up bag.

  1. I use an old felt tip liquid eyeliner brush and I have cleaned and dried throughly, Simply snip the pointy end off with a scissors leaving me with a flat felt tip base. 
  2. Source for Image
  3. Then I cover a plate in clingfilm (clear plastic wrap) and drip some nail varnish onto the plate. Get your eyeliner brush and lightly dip it into the nail varnish - careful not to put too much nail varnish on the brush or it will create blobs not dots.
  4. I used four differant colors for this look, so I dipped so cotton wool in nail varnish remover and cleaned the top of the brush between colors.
  5. It is important to take your time with this look and try and leave 2-3mins between each new color. 

Top Tip: Do not apply clear nail varnish for at least two after applying the dots are it may smudge and run, ruining the look

Then nail varnishes I used for this look were:
Base; Sally Hansen - Pink Slip
Orange: Catrice -Fred said Red
Red: Rimmel - Double Decker Red

Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions leave a comment below.


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How much is your face worth?!

Hello Everyone!

I going to do my first face of the day today!So I thought I would make it more interesting and do this tag thats been going around recently. When I first saw this tag I was kinda apprehensive to find out how much I actually spend on my make up routine. I also decided to base this on a make look I did for a night out recently.

Collection Lasting Perfection Foundation in Ivory: €6.39 (Special Offer)
Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer in Light: €8.50 (Special Offer)
17 Shine Control Press Powder in Neutral: €5.99
Benefits Dallas Blush: €34.00
Bourjois Bronzer in 51: €11.99

Catrice Made to Stay Longlasting Eyeshadow in Metall of Honor: €3.79
GOSH Effect Powder in Copper: €6.99
GOSH Effect Powder in Plummy: €6.99
Flaunt Mono Eyeshadow in No.6: 3.70
Catrice Gel Eyeliner in Black Jack with Jack Black: €4.49
Rimmel Glam'Eyes Mascara in Black: €6.99
Just Lashes by Ja'Maal Beauty in Sold Out Show: €6.99

Gosh Moisturinsg Lip Balm in Angel: €6.99

Total: €113.80

The total was not as high as I thought it would be! I used to use more expensive foundation and concealer so  that has probably reduce the total by a good amount.

Hope you enjoyed this post! If you have done this post I would love to read it, leave a comment below with a link to your post. Also if you would like me to review any of the products listed about let me know.


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Monday, 3 September 2012

Weekly Wants #1

Hello Everyone!

I always love reading these types of posts, so I thought I would starting doing them as well. I dunno if I going to buy any of the items of clothing but a girl can dream!

Black and Gold Studded Dress; Brown Buckle Boots; Black Bowler Bag; Black and White Striped Jumper

I am seriously considering the brown boots from New Look because they are so wearable and would be great for wearing to college.

I fell in love with the New Look Dress as soon as I saw it. It would be perfect for night out with sky high heels and a clutch bag. But could also be dressed down with a long cardigan, tights and ankle boots.

I really like this River Island bag, I have one kinda similar to it at the moment but it is two years old so its starting to look a bit worse for wear!

And finally the striped jumper from H&M, I think H&M do some of the best high street knitwear. It lasts the test of time without getting holes or bobbles.

Thank you for reading this post. What are you weekly wants at the moment?


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